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The Bachelor of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies(BA.BTS)

  120 Credit hour /4 Years

Program Descriptions

The undergraduate program, the Bachelor of Art in Biblical and Theological Studies (BABTS) will prepare students for vocational roles and graduate studies through an intense program of theological research. Also, this program aims to practice the theology of the Laity to educate the whole people of God for the achievement of God’s covenant. Students will demonstrate knowledge in the Bible, Christian theology and ministry, based on God’s covenant and lay ministry. In particular, they will develop competency in an exegesis of Scripture and will become transformed and competent in understanding biblical messages and living real life. Also, this program gives students exposure to many areas of ministry in church or mission to become a transformed leader in their church and ministry. A broad range of courses provides the basic preparation needed for life and ministry through an interdisciplinary approach to all areas. 

Program Objective and Learning Outcomes

Students in BABTS will be prepared to: 

  1. Identify God through the Bible and Christian theological traditions, in particular in terms of God’s covenant.      

  2. Discuss interdisciplinary knowledge of Christian faith and theology, and Church ministry and extend their knowledge.  

  3. Demonstrate the understanding of Christian faith and worldview in the post-Christian and risky society and its culture through interpreting the Bible and contextualizing the gospel in the context.  

  4. Equip student to be transformed by learning all academic disciplines and practice what they learn in classroom and serve as a transformed leader. 

  5. Prepare the ability to understand the Christian basics required to meet individual needs, defending Christian message against secular perspectives.  

  6. Apply hermeneutics of the Bible in the Holy Spirit to a life of spiritual growth and personal development.

  7. Practice doing Christian life through using the Experiential Learning Model in the antichristian world.   

Admission Requirements

The Admissions Committee will review all submitted information. Any student seeking admission to The Bachelor of Biblical and Theological Studies program must possess a student’s High School diploma or GED Certificate.

  1.  Application form.

  2.  Non-refundable application fee ($100).

  3.  Copy of official transcripts, showing all courses pursued, grades received, and degrees earned

  4.  Two letters of recommendation from the applicant’s pastor or an ordained minister, a teacher or a college professor, and one other non-family person.

  5.  Signed GCS Release and Assignment Form 

  6.  Signed GCS Student Disclosure Agreement Form 

  7.  A valid government-issued ID (Driver’s License, passport, etc.) 

  8.  A certified copy of the student’s High School diploma or GED Certificate

The Sequence of and Length of Time

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