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The Association of Covenant Churches and Ministry is a voluntary communion of congregations and persons gathered by God, united in Christ, and empowered by the Holy Spirit to obey the great commandment and the great commission. It affirms its companionship in faith with other church bodies and all those who fear God and keep God's commandments. This association is established for
support churches and ministries based on the centrality of God's covenant under the traditions of Reformed church and theology in hope of God's 
promise of the covenant and in preparation of training the whole people of God called to joining the fulfillment of God's covenant in Jesus Christ.



Section 1.1. The name of this body shall be The Association of Covenant Churches and Ministry (ACCM)


ARTICLE II Confession

Section 2.1. ACCM confesses that the Bible, the Old and the New Testament, is the Word of God and the only perfect rule for faith, doctrine, and conduct.


Section 2.2 ACCM confesses that God's covenant plays a key role in nderstanding and practicing the Bible, including doing faith, theology, and ministry.


Section 2.3 ACCM confesses that the Trinity God is covenant centered.

Section 2.4 ACCM confesses that the kingdom of God Jesus proclaimed is essential to understand Christian faith, church, and ministry.


Section 3.1. In response to the call of God and unity with the whole Church—one, holy, catholic, and apostolic—the purpose of the ACCM is to make known the good news of God's covenant for saving faith in Jesus Christ, to encourage a Christlike life among its congregations and their members, and to carry out Christ's redeeming work of love, mercy, and justice in the world.

ARTICLE IV Membership

Section 4.1. ACCM is composed of Christian congregations united in faith and service and organized into regional conferences.


Section 4.2. Membership in ACCM is open to evangelical Christian congregations or individuals that are in accord with Confession of this Constitution and that meet the requirements stated in this Constitution and Bylaws. 


Section 4.3. all members and congregations pledge mutually to support the principles, policies, programs, and institutions of the ACCM. This includes regular
financial support of the denomination, regional conferences, and affiliated institutions. Member congregations have freedom in the management of local matters. 


Section 4.4. Member congregations that through decision or practice are out of
harmony with the principles, policies, programs, or institutions of the ECC maybe
dismissed from the ECC according to the procedures stated in the Bylaws.

ARTICLE V Officers

Section 5.1. The ACCM shall have a president, a secretary, and a treasurer. The Bylaws may provide for assistant officers. 


Section 5.2. Each officer of the ACCM shall be responsible for the Annual Meeting and the Executive Board for that officer's decisions and actions. Officers other than the president shall also be responsible to the president for decisions made and actions taken in carrying out the duties of their respective offices.

Section 5.3. The president shall be an ordained ACCM minister in good standing. The president shall be elected by the Annual Meeting as provided in the Bylaws. The president shall have the duties and responsibilities provided in the Bylaws.

Section 5.4. The secretary shall be selected as provided in the Bylaws. The secretary shall have the duties and responsibilities provided in the Bylaws, and the duties and responsibilities assigned by the president that are consistent with this Constitution and Bylaws.

Section 5.5. The treasurer shall be selected as provided in the Bylaws. The treasurer shall have the duties and responsibilities provided in the Bylaws, and
the duties and responsibilities assigned by the president that are consistent with this Constitution and Bylaws.

ARTICLE VI Annual Meeting

Section 6.1. A convention of delegates, known as the Annual Meeting, shall be the
highest constituted authority in the ACCM. 

Section 6.2. There shall be one regular session of the Annual Meeting each year. At least thirty days before the date of each Annual Meeting, the secretary of the
ECC shall send a notice to each member congregation, stating the time, place, and purpose of the meeting.

Section 6.3. As the highest deliberative and decision-making body of the ACCM, the Annual Meeting shall approve the admission and dismissal of congregations, elect or call persons to leadership positions as provided in the Bylaws, approve the

budget of the ACCM, receive and approve reports, credential recommended persons for the ministry of the ACCM, approve amendments to this Constitution
and Bylaws, and make other decisions necessary to the mutual work of the ACCM, the regional conferences, and affiliated institutions, as provided in the Bylaws.

Section 6.4. all members are entitled to attend the Annual Meeting, as provided in the Bylaws. The Bylaws may provide for additional delegates and advisors.

ARTICLE VII Regional Conferences and Superintendents

Section 7.1. Regional Conferences. A regional conference is a separately incorporated association of the ACCM in a particular geographic region that is
recognized by the ACCM as provided in the Bylaws. 

Section 7.2 Regional conferences further the common mission of the ACCM and its member congregations.

Section 7.3. Administration.

a. A regional conference shall be administered by an executive board elected by

the representatives of member congregations meeting in a conference annual meeting.
b. The conference superintendent shall be the pastor and administrator of the
regional conference.
c. The conference superintendent shall be an ex-officio member of the conference executive board.
Section 7.4. Regional Mission Organizations. The ACCM may establish a regional
mission organization in a geographic area that is not included in a regional conference, not adequately served by an existing regional conference, or not able
to support a regional conference.

ARTICLE VIII. The Ordered Ministry

Section 8.1. The ECC shall grant or revoke credentials to ordained and licensed ministers, commissioned staff ministers, and consecrated missionaries. The ACCM shall establish Rules for the Ordered Ministry and administer them as provided in
the Bylaws. 

Section 8.2 The candidates who hope to receive ordination must pass the Ministry Test – the Written Test and Oral Test. 

Section 8.3 The Ordination Ceremony is administrated by the Covenant  inisterium. Also, the ACCM shall establish programs to encourage ministers and missionaries in discipleship and their calling. 

Section 8.4. Persons who are ordained, licensed, commissioned or consecrated according to the Rules for the Ordered Ministry of the ACCM, and who are in
good standing, shall constitute the members of the Covenant Ministerium by the constitution and bylaws of the Covenant Ministerium. 

Section 8.5. All members of the Covenant Ministerium shall abide by the principles, policies, and decisions of the ACCM, and shall support its mission, programs, and


Section 9. 1. Each member shall be expected to voluntarily contribute to finance for the operation of the ACCM. The congregation also shall be expected to voluntarily contribute to finance for the operation of the ACCM.


Section 9.2 the ACCM shall be responsible for preparing the annual general operations budget and financial statement.

Section 9.3 the financial records shall be audited or reviewed at the close of each fiscal year by a certified public accountant, prior to the annual meeting. Copies of the audit or review shall be kept on file.

ARTICLE X Amendment

Amendments to the Bylaws may be made at any regular meeting of the ACCM. All amendments shall be passed by a majority of ballots cast.

November 30, 2019

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