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Seock Ho Mun, Th.D, D MIN.

Christian Spirituality


Suk Ho Moon, Th.D, D MIN.

Christian Spirituality


Th.D at Stellenbosch University, South Africa 
DMIN at Fuller Theological Seminary 
MDIV at Western Theological Seminary
BA in theology at Chongshin University, Seoul, Korea 


Director of Korean DMIN,  New York Theological Seminary(2020 present)
Director of Korean MDIV & DMIN, Gordon–Conwell Theological Seminary (GCTS)
Professor, Chongshin University (1987 -2007) 


Along the Way: Faith and Intelligence (Qumran Publishing, 2012) 
Being and Think (Chongshin University Pub, 1993) 


Hye Sook Chung, Ph.D

Christian Counseling & Logotherapy


Ph.D in Christian Counseling at Trinity College of the Bible and Trinity Theological Seminary, 
MA in Counseling, Chiungshin University, Seoul, Korea  
BA , Chongshin University, Seoul, Korea 


Instructor, Chongshin University (2015)
Certificate, Biblical Counseling Center (ArilingtonHts, IL, USA)


“Study on the NecessityandQualifications of Lay Counselors in Local Church”(  Korean Association of Biblical Counseling, 2015)

“The Ministry and Role of the Holy Spirit inthe Biblical Counseling” (Korean Association of Biblical Counseling, 2014)

Biblical Qualifications, Skills and Theological Foundations for Lay Counselors
  in Local Church (Trinity Press Publishing, 2013)

Comparative Study on Carl R. Rogers and Jay E. Adams in terms of  Counseling Theory (M.A Thesis, ChongshinUniveristy, 1989)


Jeong Ok RYU, Ph.D 

Social Welfare & Works


Ph.D in Social Welfare Public Administration, MOKPO NATIONAL UNIVERSITY 
Ph.D in Chemical Engineering, MYONGJI UNIVERSITY. 
Master of Science in Chemical Engineering, MYONGJI UNIVERSITY
 Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering, MYONGJI UNIVERSITY


Associate Professor, CHONGSHIN UNIVERSITY 2013.3.1.-2020.2.7.,
Planing& Coordination (Vice President), CHONGSHIN UNIVERSITY (2018-2020)


The Garden of Prophets in the Willderness Dreading of the Exdous (Cham Pub, 2020)



Soon Ok Lee, Ph.D

Christian Education


Ph.D. The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (Kentucky), 2007 

Th.M. Calvin Theological Seminary (Michigan), 2002

M.Div. Chongshin Theological Seminary, 1995

Diploma. Toronto Baptist Theological Seminary, 1997

 B.A.CalvinCollege (Seoul), 1986


Lecturer, Chongshin Theological Seminary & College (Seoul Korea), 2009-20

Lecture, Calvin Theological Seminary & College (Kyonggi-do Korea), 2014-20


The Relationship Between Moral Development and Faith Maturity in the Korean Presbyterian Church(Presentation). Korean Reformed Theology, Mar. 2010.

Reformed Church Education for Recovering Morality in the Korean Church(Presentation). Church Mission Academy, Dec. 2010. 

Design for Youth Curriculum and Teacher Education (Presentation). Comenius Academy, Aug. 2011.

The Partnership between Small Church and Big Household: Educational Ministry for Household as a Small Church(Article). Korean Society for Christian Education & Information Technology, Mar. 2017

Creative Bible Teaching (Translation) Gerizim, Aug. 2010.


HeeDuck Yoo, Ph.D

Biblical Studies/ Homiletics


Ph.D, Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary (2014)

Th.M. Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (2008)

M.Div, Liberty University (2006)

B.A, Teajeon Baptist Theological Seminary (2000)


Academic Affairs, Reformed University

Academic Affairs, Underwood 

University GA (2015-2018)

Adjunct Faculty: Mid-Western Theological Seminary.

Adjunct Faculty: Mid-West Theological Seminary

Adjunct Faculty: Central Baptist Theological Seminary.


Dissertation Topic: A Critical Analysis of the Preaching Methodology of Prominent Emergent Preachers In the Light of 2 Timothy 3:14-4:2

Translation publication(From English to Korean): Power in the Pulpit: How to Ministry Prepare and Deliver  Expository Sermons (Jerry Vines and Jim Shaddix).

Translation Publication(From English to Korean): Pastoral Ministry (Deron J. Biles)

스크린샷 2023-10-20 231045.png

Dr. John Hwong, Th.D

Biblical Theology, Evangelism and Mission


Th.D.             Boston University School of Theology   
Th.M. Asbury Theological Seminary  (Evangelism and Mission)
 M.Div. Seoul Theological University ( New Testament)
 M.A.       Asbury Theological Seminary ( Biblical Theology)
 B.A.       Korea University ( English Literature and Language)

Teaching Experience

3/09  -  6/12        Sundo Kimg Chair of Evangelism, Asbury Theological Seminary
7/08  -  2/09        Professor of Evangelism, Asbury Theological Seminary
3/07 – 6/08         J.B. & Bette Crouse Chair of Evangelism, Seoul Theological University,
Bucheon City, Korea
 3/90 - 8/06 Professor of Evangelism, Seoul Theological University
 2/01 - 2/02  Beeson Scholar in Residence, Asbury Theological Seminary
 9/81 - 8/83 Adjunct Professor, Graduate School of Bangkok Bible College
                   Bangkok, Thailand
 3/80 - 8/81 Lecturer, Seoul Theological Seminary, Bucheon City, Korea
1/80 - 2/80 Visiting Professor, Madras Bible Seminary, Madras, India

Ministry Experience

4/94-present     Director of World Evangelization Research Center 
 10/97-10/99     Chair of Society of Evangelical Theology of Practice in


  6/96-10/99      Founded Open Evangelical Holiness Church ,  Seoul, Korea
 1/86-2/90     Founding Pastor of Korean Hope Church of Boston 

    Boston, Massachusettes

  9/81-8/83     Missionary of Korea Evangelical Holiness Church to                 
 5/81            Ordained as Minister by Korea Evangelical Holiness Church
 3/79-8/81        Minister of Education at Sin Cheon Evangelical Holiness     
 3/72-8/81        Director of Total Impact Evangelism of OMS International,   Inc. Seoul,
 9/77-12/77       Teaching Assistant to Dr. Robert Coleman ,   Asbury Theological Seminary,
Wilmore, Kentucky 


1. In Korean
1) The Role of the Holy Spirit for Salvation (2023)
    2) The Blood of Jesus Christ: Fact·Salvation·Power (2023)
 3) Meet Biblical Challenges (2022)
4) My Lord, My Life (2022)
5) Propitiation (2021)
6) The Lamb and the Bride: Revelation in a New Approach (2021)
7) Salvation & Sanctification Put Forth in the Book of Romans (2019)
8) A Holy Life, A Love Life: Exposition of First John (2018)
 2. In English
1) A Collection of Life Stories (2022)
2) Born of the Spirit (2013)
3) The Jewish Festivals and Jesus Christ (2012)
4) The Genealogy of Jesus Christ: Evangelistic Sermons on the Covenant   from Matthew
1:1 (2010)
5) The Great Commission: Its Biblical Meaning and Application (2009)
6) John Wesley, the Evangelist (2006)  
 3. Editing        
1) The Theology of Evangelism (2006)
2) How I Met Jesus (1999)-in English
         3) Introduction to Evangelical Theology of Practice (1999)
        4) How I Met Jesus (1996)
5) Conversion: Its Meaning and Application (1994)
        6) Missional Method for Buddhism (1993)
7) Mission World (1992)

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