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Transfer of Credit

BTH, MDiv, MA and Ph.D students may receive transfer credit toward their program in accordance with the following procedures and limitations:


General Principles

  • GCS accepts undergraduate-level theological coursework from evangelical schools that are graded and received grades of a B- or higher; in the graduate level, a grade of a B or higher is required.

  • In the Ph.D. level, maximum 9 credit hours can be transferred for the Ph.D., Th.D. and DIS and 6 credit hours, for the DMIN and EDD programs.      

  • Units cannot be older than 10 years at the time of graduation.

  • For a class to transfer as a core class, the course must be equivalent to the GCS class in content, number of units, and prerequisites. Courses not meeting these criteria will be considered electives.

  • To receive a GCS degree, we cannot receive more than one-half (50%) of the units from a previously awarded degree.

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