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   Distinctive Philosophy of      Education of GCS

GCS, the seminary rooted in Reformed covenant theology, stands for the restoration of biblical Christianity and has the following philosophy of education:  

  1. GCS is the Bible Centered seminary where the Bible plays a key role in doing theology and ministry as the society become atheistic and pluralistic, aiming at the glorification of God through restoring biblical Christianity. 

  2. GCS is God’s covenant centered seminary where the Bible is understood and interpreted in terms of God’s covenant, and Christian faith, theology, and the church will be freshly reformed, which calls for the paradigm shift of doing theology and ministry through re-interpreting the Bible in terms of God’s covenant

  3.  GCS is the academic innovation-oriented seminary which is based on both the reinterpretation and application of God’s covenant for reform Christian church and faith, and interdisciplinary approaches. 

  4.  GCS is the seminary seeking for spiritual transformation in the love of the Father, the grace of the Son and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit. Christian faith and theology without transformation does not work in the world, specially, the age of post-Christendom. We strive to be like Jesus Christ in His character and ministry

  5. GCS is the kingdom leadership centered seminary where believers live the kingdom of Jesus through faith – the missional living. The gospel of Jesus is proclaimed in the name of God’s kingdom through repentance, which is based on the death and resurrection of Jesus. 

  6. GCS is the integrative and intercultural study centered seminary which communicates the Christian message with the world and society, resulting in social engagement.   

  7. GCS is the glocal church-centered seminary that serves and networks with the global church through educating, supporting, monitoring, and cooperating with them. Both are in partnership.  

  8. GCS is the laity theology centered seminary that seeks for the empowerment and mission of lay people where all believers are the priest and ministers of God in the new covenant- the gospel. The seminary is called to inspire and train all believers for the kingdom's life and mission.  

  9. GCS is the Experiential learning centered seminary where all students involve in studying the process of learning through experience and is more specifically defined as "learning through reflection on doing". 

  10. GCS is the BODY centered seminary which looks for the network and partnership between churches in the world for world mission. Our seminary is against the human distinction of the Global South or Global North but for the BODY of all churches in the world – Global Jesus.

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