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    Educational Objectives       [Learning Outcomes] 

  1. To recall or recognize the teachings of the Bible, reformed theology, covenant theology and context in the experiential learning.  

  2. To demonstrate academic excellence and innovation in the highest tradition of Christian scholarship in the teaching of the biblical, theological and interdisciplinary disciplines. 

  3. To articulate and promote a theology of the laity based on God’s covenant in doing theology, faith, and ministry in the contemporary context. 

  4. To develop integrative and intercultural methods of theology to involve all knowledge gained into real life and ministry field through practicing the Experiential Learning Model.  

  5. To equip students to minister to the needs of the church and communicate the gospel in contextually appropriate ways in which they will learn how to lead congregational ministries in living out God’s Word daily, and in conveying the good news of the Christian faith to a world in need of hope. 

  6. To discern and evaluate contemporary culture and contexts in terms of God’s Word – the Scripture as God’s revelation and then contextualize the gospel in each context to impact the world.     

  7. To apply Christian education, especially, the concept of God’s covenant to meet the need for a global, pluralistic, old aged, atheistic, post-Christian and risky society and to defend Christian basics in that society.   

  8. To interpret biblical truths to develop various models of church and Christian ministries that students may effectively communicate with society and initiate social engagement for God’s kingdom and transformation.   

  9. To lead the student to join God’s redemptive and restorative activity for human flourishing. Guided by the gospel’s liberating power that brings together a love of God and love of neighbor, the social impact ministries within the Christian ministries 

  10. To produce Christlike and transformed leaders to lead the world for his kingdom. 

  11. To create and live the covenant community of Jesus in every place through believing, obeying and implementing God’s covenant fulfilled in Jesus Christ.

  12. To reconstruct and demonstrate the development of the local church and global Christianity through helping each other in doing partnership and networking with churches around the world, building up Global Christianity as the BODY of CHRIST.   

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